Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the ways to get fuller eyebrows. It can be said that an eyebrow transplant is a procedure similar to the hair transplant, but an eyebrow transplant is much more delicate and precise procedure.



During an eyebrow transplant process, donor hairs are taken from behind the ears because the hair around the ear is softer and more similar to the eyebrows, then they are transplanted to the eyebrows. Just like hair transplants in eyebrow transplants, the transplanted eyebrow hairs start to fall out after a few days and at approximately three months new hairs begin to come out. Finally, the eyebrow hairs will grow completely and be full at nine months.



The required time for an eyebrow transplant is about 4-7 hours. It is performed under local anesthesia and in one treatment session, between 200 to 400 grafts are transplanted to per eyebrow.

First, the grafts are placed in one eyebrow, then the doctor discusses it with the patient that whether he or she is satisfied with it or not. Next, the doctor do the same on the other eyebrow and after completing it, goes back to the first eyebrow to modify it again if necessary.

Actually, it can be said that the treatment is fast and painless, but some bruising and swelling may occur around the eyes for several days after surgery. However, there will be no sign of an eyebrow transplant on the patient’s face after a week.


The donor hair for the eyebrow transplants is taken from the scalp, specially behind the ears. To do that, the doctor first makes a small incision on the head to remove a small strip of hair from the back of head, then he dissects the strip into single hair follicles under the microscope. Each of these follicles is carefully placed in the eyebrows one by one to create a natural looking eyebrows.

Because the transplanted hairs are taken from the head, they will grow like the natural hair of the patient and they will require continuous trimming and grooming to keep their natural appearance.

After surgery, you can see the changes caused by transplants on your appearance. After 2-3 weeks, the transplanted eyebrow hairs will fall out for a period of time and at 3-4 months they will begin their normal growth. You can see the final result of the transplants at 6 months.





_When transplanting a hair follicle to the head of eyebrow, it should be placed upward at an appropriate angle.

_The growth direction and angle of hairs when moving to the eyebrow body should be gradually reduced until the hairs are placed as flat to the surface of the skin as possible at a zero degree angle.

_After transplanted hairs growth and oiling them, they will lay on the skin and grow towards it, but it is important to know that the transplanted eyebrow will never look like a natural eyebrow completely in terms of natural growth direction.



An eyebrow transplant is a small hair transplantation, so it has few side effects and also swelling around the eyes often goes away within 24 hours.

After initial surgery, there may occur some bruising, swelling, or inflammation around the eyes. It is also possible to have itching. If this itching is prolonged, it may be due to an infection that should be treated immediately. Itching can be soothed with the ointment.



Eyebrow transplants are permanent and you will notice the changes in your face very quickly. The final result is typically seen at 12 months. In general, we can say that eyebrow transplants are safe and can also be performed for people with partial or full eyebrow loss or those having scar on their eyebrow.





_An eyebrow transplant is a treatment for people with over plucked eyebrows which have not grown for one year. Those with thin eyebrows also can use this method to help make their eyebrows fuller or thicker.

_It should be noted that an eyebrow transplant is a specialized procedure and the surgeon must be fully aware of the physiology of hair and its natural growth direction in different parts of an eyebrow, which is why in many cases, inaccurate transplants lead to inappropriate permanent images.

_Those being unhappy with their eyebrow shape and use eyebrow pencil to correct them constantly, can get eyebrow transplants to change the shape of their eyebrows.

_Those who have stitches marks in their eyebrows can have eyebrow transplants to fill in those areas.

_Those who are not satisfied with their eyebrow tattoos and are tired of their form, can have eyebrow transplants over their tattoos with special and professional techniques.

_Those who have lost their eyebrows due to specific diseases can have eyebrow transplants to restore missing hairs.

_People whose eyebrows were broken and have broken lines in them can eliminate them by getting eyebrow transplants.



The cost of eyebrow transplants is determined by several factors, the most important of which are the area that should be treated, thickness and density of the hair, and number of grafts needed to achieve the desired result.

_The important point about the cost is the doctor’s skill. The stages of the eyebrow transplant procedure can be applied within a short period of time and you can see the new form of your eyebrows in the same treatment session.



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